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Admit it; since you first purchased a  digital camera years ago, you now have thousands of pictures titled  “IMG001, IMG002” in all areas of your computer files.  Some are on the  desktop, some are still in the download file and some….well you just  know they have to be somewhere!! Can you find the pictures from that  family trip to Disneyland from 4 years ago?   

Let Jennifer and her team of photo organizing experts help!  Serving the Denver Metro Area.  (more to come)

Don't Let Another Year Go By

We can help you get a handle on your precious memories and implement easy systems to keep your digital photos  organized and manageable going forward. 

 Do you have all your photos backed up to a removal device and secured in a safe place in the event of a fire or emergency? 

Areas We Can Help With:


  • Photos  (locate printed or digital photos, organize, scanning and turning them into creative story-telling photo books)  
  • Slideshow Celebrations and Memorials
  • Computer Files  (does your desktop look like a file bomb went off?)
  • Paperwork Control 
  • Important Documents/Backup
  • Cloud Storage/Digital Estate Set Up

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